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Shade endurance plate without sound is how to return a responsibility?

by:UNQ     2020-11-19
2145 endurance plate is often as the main material of shading to apply, after it finished and put into use, we have found that there was a noise endurance plate often. Did not exert any action at this moment, this is how to return a responsibility? Be sure to find out. Endurance plate something strange sound is not actually is, if the installation time, not to press the material level is fixed, when the heat bilges cold shrink under the sun arises, endurance panel will appear noise due to deformation. May also endurance plate didn't lock the time appointed with other parts, that will also have the same phenomenon. Another possibility cannot be ruled out, and that is when endurance plate locking screw spacing too far away, and endurance plate material is has certain elasticity, when it is affected by a series of natural factors in the external environment will appear when the sound. Say so, in this case, the first is to check the endurance plate fixation, and to solve problem in time.
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