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Several common properties of polycarbonate board

by:UNQ     2021-03-18

   One major advantage of polycarbonate board is its strong impact resistance. With the same thickness of glass and PC board, the impact strength of endurance board is 250 times that of glass. It is 30 times stronger than acrylic with the same thickness, and is known as the king of plastics. At the same time, the creep resistance is the best among all plastic materials. Even if it is used under extreme high temperature, its creep resistance is very small. Light texture, good light transmission performance, strong impact resistance, it is often used as a rain shed. PC sheets has a lot of superior performance. Another major advantage of PC sheets is that it has good sound insulation effect, light weight, and convenient construction and transportation of large-scale projects. PC sheets is a class B2 fireproof material, self-extinguishing away from the fire. The weather resistance is very good for outdoor use, and the polycarbonate sheet will be added with an anti-UV coating during the production process to prevent the corrosion of the sheet by ultraviolet rays. There is no significant change in the mechanical and optical properties of the product for long-term use outdoors.

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