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Selection of sunshine plate type and plate lap fixed way

by:UNQ     2020-10-12
1621 in order to meet different application requirements, the polycarbonate roofing sheets type is also a difference, if take it as a lighting, its specifications and basically choi steel approximation; But if as a skylight, that is to pay attention to article wingceltis span cannot too big, lest cause the sun plate deformation, leak to occur. Determine the type of good sunshine board, then need to be in a different way with various materials lap, for example, the sunshine board side lap ordinary color plate, Suggestions on the polycarbonate sheet article pressurized, layering available stainless steel, aluminum alloy, about 30 mm bead width, from the ribbed, thickness is greater than or equal to 0. 5 mm, take it and support is better. If sunshine board and sandwich composite panels lap, should be supported to add in the screw fixation, in order to better fixed polycarbonate sheet; With the need of the sandwich plate under the condition of lap, shall set up it foam sandwich plate cut, then board face to the sunshine board and face are set. Followed by about sun plate fixed to the fixed nail head diameter must be large than the screw shank diameter 1. More than five times, and the waterproof glue, don't nail head direct pressure board face, to reduce the pressure; Don't too tight and screw on, or may cause stress, board face local crack. installation process, not fixed at both ends before they are fixed in the middle, should be fixed at one end and construction along the same direction, otherwise it will cause the intermediate stress concentration, make the products out of shape or craze. Due to the linear expansion coefficient of plank a lot larger than metal material, so you must first on the polycarbonate sheet fixed after good hole, only use the power screws, screw and the work must be playing in the middle of the aperture, or caused by insufficient heat bilges cold shrink displacement and reserve work screw around crack of PC sheets or cotton contraction deformation.
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