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Seasonal factors affecting the price of PC boards

by:UNQ     2021-03-20

   Various construction projects in the south were gradually suspended, mainly because of the PC sheets after October and November. With the slowdown of downstream market demand, the demand for building endurance boards has been significantly weakened, and the price of endurance boards has fallen in response. However, in the southern PC board market, the phenomenon of winter storage is relatively rare. Winter storage is around the Spring Festival, the downstream demand for universal endurance boards decreases, and the production line cannot be stopped. In order to maintain normal shipments, endurance board manufacturers will lower prices or introduce preferential policies to promote downstream customers As demand turns warmer, prices are more likely to rise. They choose to stock up on low prices in winter, and they will start to sell them at high prices in March of the year. The price of endurance board during winter storage is 3 to 5 yuan/kg lower than the normal selling price, but most of the participants are regular customers.

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