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Sealing requirements when installing the sun panel

by:UNQ     2021-05-24
There are still many problems involved in the installation process of the solar panel. Another important thing is the sealing treatment of the openings at the two ends of the solar panel. If this aspect is not handled well, there will be moisture, dust and small insects in the solar panel. Or other substances enter, thereby affecting the transparency, heat insulation and beauty of the solar panel. In order to prevent the above problems, the two ends of the solar panel should be tightly sealed, at least water, air and dust are impervious; secondly, the viscous material of the selected sealing material should not cause any harm to the solar panel. It is required to have the characteristics of being able to maintain adhesion for a long time under the environment of sudden changes in cold and hot temperature and high temperature. Because the shape of the solar panel will change during construction, cutting, drilling and other skills are required. At this time, the dimension of the hole from the edge of the solar panel should be no less than 40mm to get used to the thermal expansion and contraction of the solar panel.
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