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Screw use during pc board processing and installation

by:UNQ     2021-03-10

  When using processing. First of all, remember that when installing the endurance board, the position of the screw hole should not be too close to the edge of the endurance board, which will easily cause damage to the board. At the same time, the tightness of the mounting screws must be controlled to prevent the deformation and stress of the plate. In actual operation, try not to use self-tapping screws on the endurance board, otherwise it is easy to increase the stress from time to time.

  As long as the installation is based on these principles, the processing will surely achieve the expected ideal device effect, and will play a value in the later use. Considering that the thickness of the endurance board used in different places is different, it is also easy to make reasonable adjustments in the setting of the screw spacing. Too small or too large a spacing is beneficial to the endurance board itself and its stability. In addition, Also consider the size of the screw hole, because the heat shrinkage is different in different seasons and different temperatures.

   Summarizing past experience, under normal circumstances, as long as the screw hole is kept 2-4mm larger than the screw, to leave some space, it can meet the requirements. Since the PC sheets processing device is closely related to its performance and service life, it is necessary to be extra cautious when operating it to prevent damage to the endurance board product. In normal use, the endurance board is often fixed with screws, so it is necessary to master the above-mentioned requirements on the use of screws, which is very helpful for the use of endurance board

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