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Scope of application of PC honeycomb plate sunshine and temperature conditions

by:UNQ     2020-10-05
789 PC of cellular polycarbonate sheet is all sunshine board type structure intensity is good, suitable for structural safety, stability, high building in the application of the plank advantage, the cost is too high, compared with the ordinary polycarbonate roofing sheets unit square meters of honeycomb panel is much taller than important, so had to expensive, second, honeycomb panel double plate or endurance than its transparency has certain discount. PC cellular sunshine board of high strength, heat preservation performance is extremely strong, super stable structure. Strong impact resistance, wind resistance to hail effectively, wear-resisting, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-ultraviolet radiation, such as good effect, in the extreme temperature conditions can keep the good toughness and rigidity. Suitable for 1 PC cellular sunshine board. The northern cold region greenhouses special plate. 2. Commercial buildings, both inside and outside decoration, modern city building curtain wall. 3. Wall, roof and interior decoration materials such as screen. 4. Highway and city highway noise barriers. 5. The greenhouse ecological restaurant ceiling and the surrounding plate; 6. Livestock breeding greenhouses with boards. 1 PC cellular polycarbonate sheet characteristics. Transmission of light: P C sunshine board high light transmittance can reach 89%, equivalent to that of glass Bi beauty. UV coating plate blasting bask in the sun won't produce yellowing, atomization, pervious to light, the transmission loss is only 10%, after ten years of PVC turnover rate is as high as 15%, 20%, glass fiber is 12% 20%. 2. Resistance to impact, the impact strength is common glass - 250 300 times, 30 times that of the same thickness of acrylic, is 2 - tempered glass 20 times, the following two meters with 3 kg hammer drop no crack, there are 'no broken glass' and the 'ring of steel' laudatory name. 3. Uv protection: PC sheets side co-extrusion a uv ( UV) Coating, on the other side has the condensing processing, anti-ultraviolet radiation, insulation against the droplets functions in one. Can block ultraviolet light through, and is suitable for protecting valuable works of art and exhibits, make it from uv damage. 4. Light weight: the weight is only half of the glass, save transportation, unloading, installation and support framework cost. 5. Flexible, can be in accordance with the design adopts cold bending method, at the site installation arched, semicircular roof and Windows. Small bending radius 175 times for the use of plate thickness, hot bending.
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