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Sclerosis of PVC board on the scope of application and processing performance of special performance

by:UNQ     2020-10-14
1293 in addition to sun plate, endurance, sclerosis of PVC board is also one of the popular building materials market, this has to do with it some unique performance is inseparable. Is also one of the plastic sheet, it with PC endurance plate has a significant difference between the two? 1, sclerosis of PVC board on the application of industry of different if PC endurance plate mainly agricultural, decoration industry, sclerosis of the PVC board is in chemical, petroleum, electroplating, water purification treatment equipment, environmental equipment, mining, medicine, electronics, communication, and decoration industries. 2 on the board, PVC sclerosis pollution effectively dealing with the sclerosis of PVC board made of products the actual application, easily touch on a variety of stains, cleaning fluid after using dilute is generally to wipe, can effectively remove traces. But never use clean ball or knife scraping board PVC sclerosis, although it has the good performance, but doing so will leave scratches. And also can't use acetone, toluene and other chemicals, so as not to cause adverse reactions. 3, sun protection measures of sclerosis of PVC board this plate don't want to polycarbonate sheet that has the effect of good blocking ultraviolet rays, sclerosis of PVC board if under direct sunlight for a long time, will inevitably appear discoloration, fading, so be sure to keep the corresponding protective of its processing, reduce the harm that ultraviolet. Each kind of plastic has its own characteristics, suitable scope of application are also different, since the stiffness of the sclerosis of PVC board is higher, so can be used for resistance to demand higher occasion. But because of the special performance, making the sclerosis of PVC plate bending can be poor, to bend it into arc shape is difficult, then you can use other alternative.
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