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Scientific way to choose endurance plate type

by:UNQ     2020-11-24
1955 with the popularity of endurance plate products, and species diversity, choosing the appropriate endurance plate became the primary issue, some users when choose endurance plate will blindly pursue plate thickness and pervious to light, but it is not so, or according to actual needs to choose the most scientific way. Because the sort of endurance plate is different, causing it to bear the load are different, the origin of the load is mainly wind, however, in a different environment conditions are different, such as in different regions, different height, different wind speed will produce different wind. If you have special requirements, also need to communicate with the manufacturer beforehand. Such as hollow endurance to install use surface plate, plate also have different requirements for endurance plate, due to the hollow endurance plate cold bending forming easily, so the final page is a good grasp of curvature radius, but not less than the specified value.
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