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Safeguard sun plate edge consistence of experiences to share

by:UNQ     2020-11-06
2000 polycarbonate sheet because of a variety of excellent performance was deeply loved by the user, its edge in the sunshine board is relatively weak part, how should this part of the robustness to guarantee? Below sunshine board to share with you some experience. Such as sun plate in connection or in framed with slots, best to set aside space effectively, mainly in order to prevent the polycarbonate sheet appear the phenomenon of the inflation and the load displacement. In addition, the influence of temperature on the sunshine board is very big, so the user when using the polycarbonate sheet must be according to the engineering location points of the four seasons temperature difference, accurate installation clearance of calculated data, to meet the basic conditions of plate edge solid. In addition, the sunshine board will also be prepared clamping situation, so as long as want to join in this part of the plank a rib of the arrow, or on the edge of the sunshine board of meshing part keep within a certain range. So that you can allow certain clearance for deformation, ensure consistence on the edge of the sunshine board would not be affected.
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