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Routine in PC sunshine board and other functional products

by:UNQ     2020-10-18
1164 PC polycarbonate sheet is a kind of excellent comprehensive performance engineering plastics plank, it not only has excellent physical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, and good impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, lighting, and the advantages of uv protection, flame retardant, such sheet of both public and civilian is very good. PC sunshine plate is divided into various types, comparing to conventional is sunshine of PC (polycarbonate hollow board, its characteristic is pervious to light uv protection, good weathering resistance, easy installation, can be cold bending easily modelling; Have many choices, and the color also can be customized according to customer demand for color matching the other colors. Brilliant bright sunshine board also belong to the PC sheets of a sunshine, because of the small plate wall is full of crystal particles, so it can form a hazy visual effect, make uniform light, the light is downy, won't form a band, reduce light pollution, has a better aesthetic visual effect and resistance to wear. Mainly suitable for indoor screen, space partition, channel, daylighting, shower room, etc. Also is a kind of droplets sunshine proof plate, the bottom of this kind of PC polycarbonate sheet is usually covered with a layer of anti fog droplets layer of condensation process, have natural water diffusion effect, make the plate and the surface tension of the condensed water is greater than the surface tension of the air or water, and the moisture in the air on the plate uniform distribution condenses into water droplets on the board, along the slope slide to the edge. This PC sheets but it is not like other plank, dripping directly to prevent droplets effect, prevent the damage for plants in greenhouse, at the same time improve the light transmittance of greenhouse; Mainly suitable for agricultural greenhouse, ecological restaurant, swimming pool, etc. , effectively solve the problem of the damage droplets.
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