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Room temperature bending sunshine board technology is the core?

by:UNQ     2020-10-16
1236 sun plate cold bending processing needs a premise condition? At what temperature does, for example, must be conducted; And it's cold bending will affect its service life? When processing should pay attention to what? These answers will find out from below. Ken to sure the sun bending plate can completely at room temperature, the raw material and plate used in the production and in performance. Because of the sunshine board production raw material is high quality polycarbonate, which itself is a kind of high molecular weight resin, has the very good toughness, therefore enough to bend at room temperature, to adapt to the needs of different installation place. And practice has proved that as long as the proper and reasonable way to bend the polycarbonate sheet, has no effect on its quality and service life is. The so-called right and reasonable method, refers to improve lighting area, conform to the requirements of the architecture design of bending, but also improve the bearing capacity of plate. room temperature bending is very simple, as long as along the stare blankly reinforcement in the direction of the sun plate bending, and greater than the limits of plate bending radius, can be easily bent his for arc, arc, round, etc. Note that the outside of the surface to avoid exposure to the polycarbonate roofing sheets fracture, the bending radius to strictly control. As you can see, the polycarbonate sheet is the key to getting good bending effect, on the one hand, the bending direction, be sure to follow the sun plate stare blankly the direction of the reinforcement, otherwise it will directly broken plank; On the other hand must be within the plate under normal range. In addition, as long as it is already after cold bending processing of sunshine board, installation is not allowed in plate bending part punching lock screw, lest make polycarbonate sheet damaged.
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