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Regarding the use, additional functions and

by:UNQ     2021-03-30

  The plastic board is processed using new Bayer polycarbonate PC raw materials, with a width of 500mm and a thickness of 40mm. The length can be made to any length according to requirements. It is very suitable for vertical curtain walls, partition walls and other buildings. The fire rating can reach B S1 d0. This special plug-in structure does not require an additional middle connection, the surface is flat and beautiful, and the installation is simple and convenient. The multi-layer rhombus makes the product structural strength stable, and the thermal insulation effect is excellent. The innovative plug-in interface design makes the installation extremely simple. It is widely used in hangars, daylighting curtain walls, indoor partitions and high side windows. Through special modification of raw materials, it can meet customers' requirements for various functions such as infrared heat insulation, crystal bright effect, anti-fogging, and surface matte.

  Typical application

  High side window/indoor partition,/hangar sliding door/lighting exterior wall/landscape facade

  Optional additional functions

Some of the additional functions of    can be implemented individually or in combination. The difference in additional functions may also lead to changes in product costs.

  The anti-fogging sheet is made of imported hydroxyl-coated nano-silicone anti-fogging material. This hydrophilic anti-fogging material can increase the tension of water vapor on the surface of the sheet, and its typical water droplet contact angle It can be as low as 8 degrees, and the water droplets formed by the accumulation of fog will quickly diverge down the slope of the inner wall of the board. It is suitable for daylighting ceilings that do not allow dripping phenomenon, especially swimming pools, agricultural greenhouses and botanical ecological gardens.

   plastic board processing light control board adopts special resin modification technology (near infrared blocking and metal reflection) in thermal energy management, so that it can effectively block infrared heat while ensuring a large amount of visible light transmission. Significantly reduce the cost of energy consumption for building cooling and lighting, and create a more comfortable indoor environment.

  The surface of the matt sheet is co-extruded with matt UV raw materials, which can not only effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, but also soften the light, prevent glare, and reduce light pollution. The matt UV can also be made into different colors according to the different creative requirements of the designer.

  The double-layer hollow board is modified with special BAYER crystal bright masterbatch while maintaining high light transmittance. Its inner wall particle effect changes the dazzling light band formed by the refraction of light of ordinary boards, thereby making The sunlight becomes soft and not dazzling.

   When designers consider the design of buildings, they may have different considerations for the exterior of the building and the tone and atmosphere of the interior. The plastic board processing two-color board is researched and developed in response to this situation, and the different color effects of upper and lower layers are realized on a product, which perfectly realizes the ideas of designers and users, and has both beautiful and practical characteristics.

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