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Quality Identification of Sunshine Board Monofilament

by:UNQ     2021-05-24

The quality of the solar panel depends on the quality of its monofilament to many extents. Only with high-quality monofilament quality can the superiority of the solar panel be guaranteed. The following is the quality standard of monofilament, you can refer to it to judge.

First of all, it can be distinguished from the aspect of appearance. The standard of high-quality monofilament is the lubricating, soft, uniform color of the monofilament; at the same time, there should be no impurities inside it. , Bubbles and cracks, otherwise it will also cause the overall quality to decline; you have to observe from the appearance whether there are messy threads or undrawn threads, if there are broken ends, the way of knotting can also be used as a basis for judgment.

The second is to compare from the performance point of view, to be consistent with our goals; the last is the calculation of the fineness. In general, when measuring the fineness, 10 meters of unconnected monofilament is usually taken for drying, and then weighed accurately with a balance.

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