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Purchase knowledge of plexiglass processing plexiglass frame materials

by:UNQ     2021-03-27

   plexiglass processing and cutting: the purchased wood or aluminum plate is initially cut and shaped by a cutting machine, and then it is cut for further processing. the first. Second, stamping: one or more stamping processes are performed on aluminum products and processed by stamping machines to achieve the desired shape. For wood products, further treatment and polishing are required after cutting, so that the properties of the product can be further improved. Third, silk screen: The most conspicuous part of the product is marked with a trademark or slogan in order to achieve better publicity and advertising effects. At the same time, customers can be marked with personalized trademarks. Fourth, baking varnish: Some products use this technology to make them more distinctive, so that the effect of the product exceeds the characteristics of a certain material alone, so as to achieve more vivid colors and more realistic effects. Fifth, assembly: On a dynamic assembly line, thousands of products are assembled and formed every day. The skilled craftsmanship of the workers guarantees the quality of the product while assembling quickly. Sixth, packaging and quality inspection: The packaging of the products is strictly in accordance with the needs of customers[6] or international practices, so that the products can smoothly pass the import sequence and inspection and quarantine requirements. After the product is formed, strict quality inspections are carried out on each batch of products, so that the products are truly high-quality from the source, ensuring the high quality of the products for buyers and consumers. How to choose the material for the plexiglass photo frame? The first and most important thing in plexiglass crafts processing is the choice of material. Only when the right choice is made can we consider the next choice.

   From the perspective of the market, the materials for plexiglass processing and production of display cabinets mainly include plexiglass panels, environmentally friendly wood panels, special fire-proof panels, crystal panels and so on. After comparing him, you will find that plexiglass panels and environmentally friendly wood panels are widely used in these materials. The main reason is that the panels themselves are quite high-grade, especially for more expensive jewelry, cosmetics, high-end clothing, It is more widely used in the display of products such as mobile phones and computers. The second is to choose the color you like from the color. Now Shenzhen plexiglass products have a variety of color products, such as jewelry display cabinets, clothing display cabinets, cosmetics display racks, mobile phone display racks, wine display cabinets, etc., mostly in gold, silver white, matte black, Magenta, gray and other colors; other products mostly choose corresponding colors according to enterprise VI system requirements. The third is the structure production of the display cabinet. Generally speaking, the back panels of display cabinets that need to be placed against the wall are mostly opaque panels. Choose the same color, red, or mirror as the appearance of the cabinet. A light box can be installed on the top, fluorescent lamps and spotlights can be selected for the lights in the cabinet, and a light box on the top.

   The processing height, width and length of plexiglass can be adjusted according to the size of the display site. The square display cabinet is generally light-transmissive on four sides, suitable for displaying small high-end items such as jewellery, jewelry, watches, mobile phones, and can also be made on a larger scale to display larger pieces such as gifts, handicrafts, electronic products, pens, tobacco and alcohol s product. The standardized application of modern display manufacturing makes the display cabinets often capable of multi-purpose transformation. Generally, no adhesives and other materials are used, and the display cabinet can be easily disassembled and assembled with only a screwdriver.

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