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Production should consider when PC sunshine board thermal performance and the cooling rate

by:UNQ     2020-10-23
1270 from the point of performance characteristics, PC sunshine board of specific heat, thermal conductivity, thermal deformation temperature, thermal properties and other plastic is different, due to their high specific heat of plasticizing need heat is big, so at the time of production should choose plasticizing capacity big sunshine plate extrusion equipment. Thermal deformation temperature high plastic cooling time can be short, mold release early, but after stripping cool to prevent deformation; On the contrary, low heat conduction rate of PC sunshine plate cooling speed is slow, so must be cooled sufficiently, must strengthen the cooling effect of the mould. Proved that the hot runner mould is suitable for low specific heat, thermal conductivity high PC polycarbonate sheet, large specific heat, low thermal conductivity, low heat distortion temperature, cooling speed slow sunshine board is not conducive to high-speed molding, must choose the proper injection machine and strengthen the sunshine board mould cooling. PC sunshine board production types according to its characteristics and shape, the request must be kept in proper sunshine plate cooling speed, so the sun plate mold must be set up according to the requirements of molding heating and cooling systems, to maintain a certain mold temperature. When high temperature is expected to make mould temperature rise should be cooling, in order to prevent the plastic deformation after demoulding, shorten the molding cycle, lower crystallinity. When insufficient PC sunshine board of waste heat to make the mold to keep a certain temperature, the mould should be equipped with heating system, to keep the mold in a certain temperature, cooling rate to control, ensure the liquidity, improve filling conditions or used to control the sunshine board make its slow cooling, prevent the thick wall inside and outside cooling uneven and improve the degree of crystallinity, etc.
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