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Aluminum Structure: Green or Silver Polycarbonate glazing roof: Clear

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Features of Garden Greenhouse Kits

1. Sturdy aluminum frame, sink system. Adopt 0.8-1.2-2.5mm thickness aluminum frame. 120-degree roof, anti-snow aluminum alloy grooves are installed in the sloping roof according to the size of different greenhouses
2. Using German Bayer material to produce 4mm UV-protected double-wall polycarbonate panels, features: light, strong, safe, not easily damaged, easy to handle and operate
3. The use of T-shaped aluminum alloy support bars and 304 stainless steel fastening corners can ensure the maximum stability of the greenhouse
4. Different sizes of greenhouses will be installed with different numbers of adjustable skylights and side windows, as well as single sliding doors with thermal insulation tops (lockable) or double sliding doors with locks
5. Easy to assemble, can be assembled by yourself, each set is equipped with installation tools and assembly instructions
6. Stainless steel connection ground fasteners, stainless steel screws, and excellent temperature control window openers
7. No steel base, so the greenhouse will not rust and is very durable
8. Packing: The products will be packed in cartons, the connectors will be placed in separate plastic bags, and each set will be packed in 2-4 cartons according to the size


Aluminum alloy frame220x65x14cm29kg
Polycarbonate roof 315x21x21cm41kg
Sidewall material/thickness4mm UV-coated twin-wall Polycarbonate sheet
Roof vents:2-4 roof windows (40in wide x 24in length)
Optional accessories:

Aluminum indoor shelves (0.4Inches/0.8Inches)

Frame color: White / Green


Advantages of Garden Greenhouse Kits:

  1. Environmental protection: the use of green environmental protection materials, to prevent ultraviolet rays, no radiation, no pollution
  2. Light transmittance: 76-85% fully meet the greenhouse requirements
  3. Weather resistance: The co-extruded high-concentration UV layer on the surface can prevent the erosion of ultraviolet light, can effectively isolate up to 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, and has a good stabilization effect on plant photosynthesis
  4. Anti-drip properties: The bottom surface is coated with transparent anti-condensation material to prevent condensed water from falling on crops and reduce the resulting crop diseases and insect pests
  5. Safety: The impact strength is 80 times that of ordinary glass and 30 times that of plexiglass, with high safety performance
  6. Flame retardant: According to the national GB624-2006 test, it is a flame retardant B1 grade, with no fire drop, no toxic gas
  7. Portability: The weight of thepolycarbonate panel is about 1/15 of that of the glass of the same thickness, and the construction is easy
  8. Thermal insulation: The thermal conductivity is lower than that of ordinary glass, and the thermal insulation effect is better. Especially in areas with large temperature differences, the thermal insulation effect is particularly significant
  9. Sound insulation:polycarbonate panel has the obvious sound insulation effect, and is the preferred material for highway sound insulation barriers internationally.
  10. Energy saving:polycarbonate panels block thermal energy transmission more effectively than glass, and can significantly reduce energy consumption when used in buildings with cooling and heating equipment.



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