Large size of M-type extended carport kits for 4 cars


Additional information

Size( L*W* H)

11m x 6m x 2.5m



Carport Capacity

4 cars


Polycarbonate roof Color: Clear, bronze, blue, light smoky, mid smoky, dark smoky. Aluminum Frame Color: Grey, coffee, white, champagne

Product Details

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Features of Carport kits

  1. carport kits are sturdy structures with aluminum frames and ready for assembly with pre-cut panels.
  2. A polycarbonate roof is high impact resistance. High snow load high and light transmission.
  3. Rust resistance aluminum frame. withstand extremely heavyweight and wind resistance.
  4. Simple to install and easy to clean
  5. Built-in gutter provides a channel for collecting rainwater.
  6. Carport kits come in different sizes and designs adding a unique beauty to your yard.
  7. Carport factory directly supply with affordable price.


Frame Polycarbonate roof
Profile Material Aluminum alloy 6063-T5 Thickness 2mm
Thickness 2mm-4mm Material Sabic polycarbonate
Wind load 120km/h Fire resistance B1
Snow load 0.4n/m2(40cm of snow thickness) Temperature Range -40℃-+120℃
Surface Powder coating Electrophoresis UV protected 99.9%
Lifespan 30 years Lifespan 20 years
size 11m x 6m x 2.5m for 4 car
Bolts & Screws Stainless Steel 316
Connector Aluminum
Waterproof Strip EPDM

Description of Carport kits

carport-kits-polycarbonate-roof Polycarbonate solid  roof


Durable and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate roof.  UV protected and don’t discolor. Never go brittle.  Weather resistance and shatter resistance.


aluminum-frame-of-carport- Aluminum alloy frame


Sturdy aluminum alloy structure and rust resistance. power coating.

Prepared to install pre-drilled profiles.


built-in--gutters- Gutters
Special built-in gutters channel rainwater. Free maintain
carports clolor Colors & Sizes
Modern and elegant appearance.  Different colors and styles of carports kits.

Why carport roof use the solid polycarbonate sheet?

Car shed has become a popular outdoor application made of aluminum alloy frames and solid polycarbonate sheets. It is UV protected, heavy snow load, and durable. It provides a shed for cars from rain and harmful UV rays. We are a professional car shed manufacturer with different sizes and colors. So do you know why the carport roof uses the solid polycarbonate sheet? Follows us:

  1. High light transmission: The light transmittance of the transparent solid sheet can reach 89%, which is almost the same as that of glass. At the same time, the PC sheet will also be treated with UV coating to make it have the ability to block ultraviolet rays. As a canopy material, even if the parking shed is exposed to sunlight, it will not have an aging effect on the interior of the car.
  2. Strong impact: Solid polycarbonate can withstand a 1 kg drop at a height of 1 meter without damage. The endurance of a solid sheet is 20-50 cm of snow when used on the roof of a car shed, and the impact strength is that of ordinary glass. 200 times stronger, the solid polycarbonate is also flexible, with almost no risk of breakage, and can effectively withstand various high-altitude falling objects faced by outdoor car awnings
  3. PC solid sheet has good weather resistance, can adapt to the climate range of minus 40 ℃ to 120 ℃, and will not cause quality changes such as deformation, which makes the use of solid sheet as parking shed more widely than other engineering plastic materials. Moreover, the thermal insulation effect of the solid sheet is better than that of the glass of the same thickness. Even if it is used in bad weather areas, the solid sheet parking shed can continue to effectively protect the car.








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