Door Awning Aluminum Bracket Clear Polycarbonate Roof

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Bracket: white, grey,black, support customized Polycarbonate roof: clear, bronze, lake-blue,support customized


Bracket: PP plastic or aluminum alloy
Roof:2.6mm solid polycarbonate

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Features of  Door Awning Kits

  • Made of engineering plastic or aluminum alloy bracket,5.2mm twinwall clear polycarbonate roof, and aluminum stripe. Load-bearing. Can bear 150kg each bracket.
  • The door awning kits are rust-resistance and corrosion-resistant.
  • UV protection on the roof blocks UV rays. And transmits natural light providing enough light. Protect you from the rain, snow, and sun.
  • Wide applications range. Ideal for residential and commercial outdoor applications.
  • The modern design of door awning kits creates a beautiful space.
  • Easy to assemble. The package includes all well-facribated accessories. DIY to install. You can complete it with clear instructions.
  • Durable and lasting lifespan. 20 years warranty.


Width/Depth 60cm 80cm 100cm 120cm 150cm
60cm 60×60
80cm 60×80 80×80 100×80 120×80
100cm 60×100 80×100 100×100 120×100 150×100
120cm 80×120 100×120 120×120 150×120
150cm 100×150 120×150 150×150

Description of Door Awning Kits

At present, the windproof performance of the commonly used awning materials is not ideal. Easy to break. Cloth awnings are the least resistant to strong winds, while plexiglass roof is a brittle material and is easily broken. At present, the strongest stainless steel awning has the problem of loud noise when it rains.

Polycarbonate awning canopy can better solve the problem of wind resistance and noise. It is assembled by special engineering plastic bracket/aluminum bracket and polycarbonate roof. Virtually unbreakable. This design completely changes the traditional practice of non-standard custom-made awning and metal welding, with novel concept and simple structure. It has elegant appearance and durable structure. It can be installed on doors, windows, outdoor units of air conditioners, ATM teller machines, outdoor mailboxes, etc. for sunshade and rain protection.
All the assembled parts are mass-produced by machines, and the quality and engineering quality are guaranteed. Its sturdiness allows a 4.5 kg iron ball to be dropped directly without damage, and its service life is 8-15 times that of ordinary awnings. The accelerated aging test results show that the outdoor design service life is more than 10-15 years under severe weather conditions. . Anti-aging, filter UV radiation, can safely resist the frontal attack of typhoon level 12.

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