6×6.8ft Hobby Greenhouse Kits

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Aluminum Structure: Green or Silver Polycarbonate glazing roof: Clear

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Features of Hobby Greenhouse Kits

1. Sturdy aluminum frame, sink system. Adopt 0.8-1.2-2.5mm thickness aluminum frame. 120-degree roof, anti-snow aluminum alloy grooves are installed in the sloping roof according to the size of different greenhouses
2. Using German Bayer material to produce 4mm UV-protected double-wall polycarbonate panels, features: light, strong, safe, not easily damaged, easy to handle and operate
3. The use of T-shaped aluminum alloy support bars and 304 stainless steel fastening corners can ensure the maximum stability of the greenhouse
4. Different sizes of greenhouses will be installed with different numbers of adjustable skylights and side windows, as well as single sliding doors with thermal insulation tops (lockable) or double sliding doors with locks
5. Easy to assemble, can be assembled by yourself, each set is equipped with installation tools and assembly instructions
6. Stainless steel connection ground fasteners, stainless steel screws, and excellent temperature control window openers
7. No steel base, so the greenhouse will not rust and is very durable
8. Packing: The products will be packed in cartons, the connectors will be placed in separate plastic bags, and each set will be packed in 2-4 cartons according to the size


Aluminum alloy frame192x22x22cm27kg
Polycarbonate roof 205x65x9cm16kg
Sidewall material/thickness4mm UV-coated twin-wall Polycarbonate sheet
Roof vents:2-4 roof windows (40in wide x 24in length)
Optional accessories:

Aluminum indoor shelves (0.4Inches/0.8Inches)

Frame color: White / Green


Q: Does the greenhouse come with a base/foundation frame?
A: No. You can either purchase the foundation frame separately.
Q: How long does the greenhouse take to assemble?
A: Assembly time depends upon the number of people assisting, how many shelves are added if a foundation frame is added
and on personal assembly skills. The assembly time takes from 6 hours to a day depending on these factors and does not include ground preparation time.
Q: Can I install an electric fan?
A: Yes, The side windows are removable, you can put the electric fan to replace it.
Q: How are they packed?
A: It will be packed in the cartons and PE film warped.



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