Garden Greenhouse

The polycarbonate greenhouse kits protect your plants, vegetables, or herb from bad weather conditions. The polycarbonate garden greenhouse is engineered of strong, durable, has ventilation for airflow, and a gutter for drainage and collection. The hybrid hobby greenhouse allows you to enjoy gardening and growing all year round.

The garden greenhouse kits feature large sizes for improved working space. The special two vent window for temperature, humidity, and airflow regulation. The sliding panels’ assembly system is easy to install. The strong galvanized steel base makes itself extremely strong and stable. The garden greenhouse provides your plants an insulation environment protecting them from UV rays. UNQ DIY hobby greenhouse is affordable and easy to handle. You only need fewer tools and equipment. The 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable, UV protected, and diffusing sunlight eliminating the risk of plant burn and shades. The alloy aluminum frame is duty-resistance, high snow load, and wind resistance. Various sizes and types of greenhouse kits are available.

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