Door Awning

Door awnings are made of durable polycarbonate roof and anti-rust aluminum alloy brackets. They are designed to be harsh weather resistant and are viable in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your house and your needs. The polycarbonate panels can be clear, bronze, blue, or customized. The brackets can be grey, white, and black. Besides, the front of your home has the most exposed to sunlight that greatly damages the hardwood floors and furniture. A door awning is the best choice to solve it. And it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays to protect you and prevent fading of floors and furniture.

The polycarbonate door awning is high-impact resistant and resists damage from sun, snow, or rain. It won’t turn yellow and become brittle over years. Heavy-duty aluminum alloy brackets. The door awning is durable lightweight and lasts 10 years. Reay to assembly. Easy to install and handle. UNQ is a leading door awning factory that offers high-quality products and the best price.


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