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Probing into the cause of the colored endurance plate color distribution

by:UNQ     2020-11-24
2520 in order to meet the requirements of different users, the endurance plate color is not a heavy constant, it has many kinds of colors. But the production process, only to find these colorful endurance plate has the color distribution situation, to explore the root causes. Endurance plate is there will be a variety of colors, because use different color masterbatch, so most color distribution is caused because of the poor colour masterbatch diffusion. Due to the thermal stability of the color masterbatch is poorer, so want to stable plate is tonal, must strict rules production conditions, especially the feed temperature, feed rate and production cycle. In addition, color endurance plate, like this as far as possible to ensure a uniform extruder cooling speed of each part. Anyway, the modelling of endurance plate and the extrusion die form, position is likely to cause local color, therefore also be revised.
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