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Precautions in pc board processing and transportation

by:UNQ     2021-03-11

   When handling and storing pc boards, please be careful to avoid scratches or damage to the edges of the boards. All boards are packaged, transported and stored according to the processing specifications according to the following methods. Let’s learn about the precautions in the transportation together~

   During transportation and storage, it must be properly lined and packed. Do not store in the sun directly Sunshine board specifications are exposed to the rain; PC boards must be handled with care during transportation, and pay attention to keeping the compartment clean. In order to prevent scratches and damage to the board edges and protective film, use paper or cloth strips, etc. The object wraps the four corners. During transportation, paper should be placed under the board to prevent scratches on the board.

  PC sheets processing board is covered with protective film on the top and bottom. When handling and installing the hollow PC sun board, the side of the board containing the UV protection layer should face the sun. When there is no device, please do not remove the maintenance film.

   If the storage time is too long in an environment where the temperature exceeds 60℃, the sheet maintenance film will not be easy to remove.

The edge banding tape on the    board is only used for protection during transportation and storage. It is not used for waterproofing and installing the device before this tape should be replaced with a special edge banding tape. The edge banding tape should have good weather resistance, and the adhesion and mechanical strength of temporary use will not decrease. It should have good tear resistance and damage resistance during installation and handling.

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