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Precautions for the use of diffused PC board

by:UNQ     2021-03-13

  Diffusion PC sheets merchants wipe the boards slowly with a soft cloth, and users can use moderate temperature water and low-corrosive detergents to clean the boards. Do not use rough, hard or sharp tools to wipe the board. Finally, the user must wipe the board dry, and can not leave the board in a wet state. Alcohol can help users remove traces of oil and glue on the board. When transporting the plates, the plates should be placed flat on the truck to remind users that relevant measures should be taken to reduce the vibration of the plates and prevent the plates from being damaged during transportation and causing economic losses to the users.

   Do not stain the surface of the board and do not let the tape get dust or water. The diffuser PC sheets company should be careful when the user sticks the tape. Also make sure that the tape completely covers the hole. The tape is non-toxic, harmless and will not affect the quality of the board. Before installing the board, the user should carefully check whether the tape is intact. If there is any peeling off tape, the user should replace it. The user should regularly maintain and maintain it during the use of the board, so as to extend its service life and save costs .

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