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Precautions for laying plastic board surface layer

by:UNQ     2021-04-06
Precautions for plastic board surface construction. With the continuous popularization and development of plastic plates, it has gradually replaced ordinary plastic plates and has been widely used in various fields. So what are the issues that need to be paid attention to when constructing the surface layer of the plastic board?    During the surface construction of the plastic board, the surface of the base layer must be smooth, flat, clean and tidy, and it does not appear to have any grease and impurities, and the ground should not be sanded or peeled. phenomenon. After the surface layer has passed the inspection, the installation can be carried out. The base layer is a porous material with strong moisture absorption. In order to ensure better adhesion between the surface layer and the plastic plate, the adhesive surface of the plastic plate is generally painted first, and then the surface of the base layer, so that the effect of the paving will be more Strong and beautiful. If the paving is not carried out in accordance with the requirements, it may affect the paste effect and cause the surface layer to bulge.

   When applying the adhesive on the plastic board, be sure to apply it evenly, make sure that it is covered all around, and there must be no leakage, otherwise it will affect the sealability of the plastic board and the surface layer. Also pay attention to choosing regular and good quality adhesives, and it is strictly forbidden to use expired products. Otherwise it will seriously affect the construction effect of the plastic board.   When constructing the surface layer of the plastic board, it should be noted that the temperature of the construction environment should not be too low, and it is best to keep it above l0°c. If the weather is too cold, it will affect the construction effect of the surface layer. It is forbidden to use different product models, to ensure that the color of the plastic board should be coordinated and unified, to achieve a neat and uniform effect, and it looks like a beautiful and generous visual experience.

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