Polycarbonate Sheeting: Twin-Wall or Multi-Wall

When buying polycarbonate sheets, do you hesitate between twin-wall and multi-wall polycarbonate? In fact, whether it is twin-wall or multi-wall, it has strong physical characteristics and versatility. But it would be best if you chose according to your actual situation (budget, climate, etc) when purchasing to get the best results.
This blog will take a closer look at which polycarbonate is best for you.

What is twin-wall polycarbonate sheeting?

The twin-wall polycarbonate sheet means a double-layered polycarbonate panel connected by interior plastic support which is made of polycarbonate too. This layering method increasingly increases its strength and ability to support weight, enhancing its advantages as a project material.
Twin-wall panels have good light transmission, impact resistance and durability. Next, let’s take a look at the characteristics of twin-wall panels of various sizes and thicknesses.

ThicknessMaximum WidthWeightMinimum radius of curveLight transmittance(±3%)
mmmmkgmmTransparentBronzeOpalDark BlueLake BlueGrass Green

The thickness of Polycarbonate affects light transmission, heat preservation, and conductivity, as well as UV protection and sometimes light diffusion. Generally speaking, the thicker the panel, the more heat it traps and the lesser light emission.

What is multiwall polycarbonate sheeting?

Polycarbonate is a synthetic material made of a thermoplastic polymer that mimics the properties of plant resins. Multiwall refers to the internal structure of a sheet of polycarbonate. This structure affects the light transmission, durability, and insulating properties of the polycarbonate material. Multiwall structures include 2-wall, 3-wall, X structure, honeycomb, and 4-wall construction.

16mm multiwall polycarbonate sheeting

  • Light transmission: 85% (Clear), 18% (Bronze), 42% (Opal)
  • Maximum Width: 2100mm
  • Nominal Sheet Weight: 2.5 kg/m²
  • Mini Curve Radius: 2400mm

25mm multiwall polycarbonate sheeting

  • Light transmission: 62% (Clear), 11% (Bronze), 28% (Opal)
  • Maximum Width: 2100mm
  • Nominal Sheet Weight: 3.1 kg/m²
  • Mini Curve Radius: 2400mm
  • Not recommended for curved applications

32mm multiwall polycarbonate sheeting

  • Light transmission: 64% (Clear), 7% (Bronze), 33% (Opal), 7% (Bronze/Opal)
  • Maximum Width: 2100mm
  • Nominal Sheet Weight: 3.6 kg/m²
  • Not recommended for curved applications

35mm multiwall polycarbonate sheeting

  • Light transmission: 63% (Clear), 7% (Bronze), 33% (Opal), 7% (Bronze/Opal)
  • Maximum Width: 2100mm
  • Nominal Sheet Weight: 3.9 kg/m²
  • Not recommended for curved applications

The multi-wall sheet has a relatively less light transmission rate and less solar reflection. With every millimeter, you will lose light transmission. It offers superb insulation to prevent the unfavorable results of the extremely intense weather. This is also an excellent crash absorber that can even endure quite a bit of hail.

Twinwall vs Multiwall: Depends on Your Needs

Due to its excellent ability to transmit light, twin-wall plastic is the material of choice for greenhouse applications. Plants need light and heat to survive. For this reason, twin-wall polycarbonate is a suitable material for greenhouse purposes as it allows up to 85% light transmission. Choose the best material according to your needs. The tighter the greenhouse is constructed (maybe even with rubber seals between framing and panels), the better it is insulated. So, it’ll be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

If you want to stay warm in cold countries or expect better insulation, then multi-wall polycarbonate panels will suit you. 25mm, 32mm and 35mm multi-wall polycarbonate provide the highest level of insulation. It keeps you warm, and you can then build your unique transparent space out of multi-wall polycarbonate.


Regardless, multi-wall polycarbonate weighs less than planar solid polycarbonate, but is just as strong. It is the best material for greenhouses.
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