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Polycarbonate sheet internal partition application

by:UNQ     2021-03-17

   There are many applications of polycarbonate sheets in indoor partitions, especially 5-10mm thick endurance panels and multi-layer structure solar panels. Partitions made of them have good sound insulation effects. The polycarbonate sheet is easy to install. The partition is generally composed of a plate and a keel. You only need to install the keel first, and then insert the cut plate directly into the keel. So simple, the effect of indoor partition comes out, and there are many kinds of keels suitable for polycarbonate sheets. Meet the requirements of fire prevention, earthquake resistance, side impact resistance, and different air pressures required for indoor building partitions. Its aesthetics and durability far exceed the general partition wall body. Under the same conditions, the sound insulation effect of polycarbonate sheet can be reduced by 32 decibels, which is 6 decibels more than glass. PC sheets has such good sound insulation, so it can be used as sound insulation or safety wall. Most of the materials used for sound barriers are PC endurance board, PVC material, gypsum, glass, etc., but the most convenient and simplest material is the sound insulation wall made of endurance board.

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