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Polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse cover

Polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse cover


Product Introduction

6mm polycarbonate is the beat solution for greenhouse glazing. Polycarbonate is thermally superior and 200 times stronger  glass.  6mm polycarbonate sheet is simple and reliable way of improving your greenhouse to help grow to plants flowers and vegetable.  UV producted on one side, do not come yellow and go brittle. This makes the material a superb, easy-to-use choice for glazing a greenhouse with more durable panels.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Product name

6mm Polycarbonate sheets for greenhouse


More than 10-year






Online technical support. etc


100% raw material Polycarbonate

Product feature and application


  • - Optically clear:  the surface is flat and clear, no points.85% transparency

  • - Allow for free thermal expansion & contraction:  polycarbonate sheet can be bent, easy for greenhouse installation

    - Engineered to withstand high loads: high impact strength, 200 times of glass, known as “steel glass”,

  • - Easy, fast, and safe installation: professional installation instructions

  • - UV protected: 50μm UV-layer protection on one side.  So polycarbonate do not discolour over a period of time.

  • -lightweight:  half weight of glass, which mean much save transportation costs

6mm Polycarbonate sheets are rigid plastic that offer a strong roof for greenhouse. As you are aware, the temperature and hunidity is more important for grow of plants. You need a greenhouse to resist changable climate. Polycarbonate sheet greenhouse offer stable environment for plants.

Anti-drip technolog polycarbonate. The anti-drip surface layer prevents the formation of water droplets and reduces condensation and associated fogging. This technically superior product achieves the high levels of photosynthetic light transmission necessary for healthy plant growth and combines high impact resistance, condensation control and UV protection.

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