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Polycarbonate sheet canopy material

by:UNQ     2021-03-17

   Nowadays, people like to install canopies on the balconies of their houses. Prevent your clothes from getting wet by heavy rain, or rainwater entering the house and causing damage to the furniture beside the windowsill. The common canopy materials on the market are usually polycarbonate sheets or acrylic sheets. The quality of the canopy depends to the greatest extent on the material, and a good material can make the canopy use for many years. Let me talk about the common points of the two first, before introducing the difference between the polycarbonate canopy and the acrylic canopy. That is, they all have high light transmittance, the visual effect is clear and bright, and they all have good processing performance, and compared with ordinary glass canopies, they are relatively light and not easy to burn. Polycarbonate board, PC sheets for short, is also called PC polycarbonate sheet and PC endurance board. Mainly made of polycarbonate polymer as raw material, the polycarbonate sheet manufactured by extrusion processing has high light transmittance, high impact resistance, light weight, good sound insulation, strong weather resistance, good flame retardancy, UV resistance, etc. advantage.

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