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Polycarbonate products have new applications

by:UNQ     2021-03-20

   In the PC sheet market recently, there is a new discovery of polycarbonate films and sheets, which are different from the PC sheet applications. This product is mostly used in the automotive industry, electronic and electrical industry, LCD screens, industrial machinery parts, mirrors, various signs, printing, membrane switches, protective masks, sun hats, sunglasses, luggage and other fields.

   The common classifications of PC films are: PC light diffusion film, conductive PC film, UV-resistant PC film, scratch-resistant PC film, printing-grade PC film, etc. In particular, scratch-resistant PC films are mostly used in membrane switches, liquid crystal displays, transparent materials in the automotive and aerospace fields, etc., and their application fields tend to be refined. Some customers said that the current demand for PC film materials is good, and the future development trend is more optimistic compared with the excellent performance of PC sheets.

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