Polycarbonate Plastic: Why It Can Handle Extreme Weather

We all know that the advantages of polycarbonate, a thermosetting plastic, are both high heat resistance and high strength. Their rigidity and impact resistance make them a versatile product, although they are more expensive than most plastic materials. But strength needs to be an important factor when choosing building materials, as building materials and structures must be able to withstand the unrelenting forces of nature.

Polycarbonate sheets offer you a variety of options that provides strength, durability, and functionality, with a choice of multiwall or solid sheet. Not only do you get the architectural look you expect without sacrificing performance.

This blog will detail why polycarbonate maintains its performance in earthquake-prone areas and other severe weather conditions, and is touted and widely used by locals. If you live in such a place, this article will be very helpful for you.

Extreme Conditions

For most of us, these issues are rarely considered when we purchase building materials. However, for those who live in areas where earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding or other severe weather conditions are legal, building materials are very important. Because choosing the right material for the right cause can avoid a lot of unnecessary situations. When extreme weather is an unwelcome guest in our lives, sturdy buildings are our safe haven, and we rely on them for safety and comfort. This is one of the many reasons polycarbonate sheeting is superior to other products – its strength and flexibility make it a barrier against the weather.

If it is an earthquake, the polycarbonate sheet can withstand a strong impact without cracking. Polycarbonate plastic is 250 times tougher than glass, 20 times stronger than clear acrylic, and 2 to 30 times tougher than tempered glass, making it virtually unbreakable. Even if it shatters for some reason, it won’t explode like glass, so there’s no risk of getting cut by the shards. But polycarbonate weighs only half that of glass. If you want an arrowhead material that looks like glass, solid polycarbonate sheet is a transparent flat material. Or, you can choose multi-wall polycarbonate sheet, that is, multi-layer hollow panel. Both are equally impressive in power and performance.

If it is heavy rain or flooding, you don’t have to worry about the polycarbonate sheet leaking, because the polycarbonate sheet is completely waterproof.

Polycarbonate is also widely used in hurricane-prone areas because it can withstand strong air and water pressure, keeping you safe in your home.

The best part is that even if the polycarbonate plate shatters, it won’t shatter into many small pieces that can hurt you. Even if it is broken, it will work normally, giving you enough time to replace it.

Weather isn’t going to go away. Polycarbonate plastics are here to provide us with a defense against those times when Mother Nature seems to be on the warpath. UNQ has taken our commitment to protect buildings from weather a step further.



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