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Polycarbonate Kayak

A kayak is a watercraft propelled by a double-paddle. Kayak includs two seats two paddings and confecting airbag making your trip comfortable and safe. Kayak hull  is made of 100% Lexan raw polycarbonate resin with excellent high impact resistance. Unique polycarbonate transparent kayak has elegant appearance. Transparency is the main advantage of the polycarbonate kayak. This vessel features an all clear and transparent material that is 100% visble both from the inside and outside. You can freely explore the underwater and surrounding scenery. While the kayak is lightweight because of polycarbonate hull material that it is easy to carry and transport from one to nest. Kayak is excellent durable and hard wearing in reason of the polycarbonate  construction is extrem strong  even is used in bulletproof material. To fun with Kayak, enjoy whitewater rafting, fishing photography and sightseeing. Unique polycarbonate manufacturer  company is professional in polycarbonate and finished polycarbonate protects. Call us for more information!

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