Polycarbonate Hobby Greenhouse & Outdoor Bubble Dome

Polycarbonate solid sheet has a high light transmission and strong impact resistance and is generally suitable for noise barriers, bus stop signs, light box advertisements and parking sheds. It can also be cold bent, assembled, and thermoformed for making domes, lighting Skylights, building roofing and making machine guards. The application scenarios of the polycarbonate solid panels are very wide and can be seen everywhere in our daily life. The light transmittance of the clear polycarbonate roofing sheet is greater than 90%, the temperature resistance is -40°C to +120°C, and the tensile stress anti-break capacity is 130Mpa.
For example, the highway sound barrier uses the sound insulation function of the polycarbonate solid board to isolate the highway from the outside world. The 3mm solid polycarbonate can effectively reduce 24 decibels, and the 10mm polycarbonate solid panels can effectively reduce 35 decibels.

Polycarbonate noise barrier
Polycarbonate noise barrier

What is Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse?

Not only for the high-way soundproof construction but also for the outdoor products like the walk-in garden house and polycarbonate solid sheet bubble dome. Polycarbonate solid sheet is also widely used in the gardening industry. The two types of products, cold frame and hobby greenhouse, which are popular in Europe, and extremely durable weather resistance. In order to meet the needs of different styles of cold frames and garden hobby greenhouses, the PC solid sheet will be cut in different sizes. Our factory-UNQ company has advanced polycarbonate roof panel cutting machines, any shape and village can be customized, with an accuracy of up to ±2 mm. The impact resistance and light transmittance of the solid sheet can also protect plants from the damage of bad weather, and meet the growing needs of plants to obtain sunlight.

What is Outdoor Bubble Room?

Also in the tourism industry, there is a very popular product about the Polycarbonate solid sheet. It is an outdoor stargaze tent also named bubble room that is a new product with a room covered by solid boards plus skylights and LED light strips. It is currently very popular on the Tik Tok platform. It brings customers a new experience of outdoor accommodation, which replaces traditional tent camping, it allows people to rest indoors while looking up at the stars. The product structure doesn’t contain metal support frame, and has a 360°transparent field of view. The main material is made of polycarbonate sheet (bulletproof glass, riot shield basic material) and aviation aluminum profile, which has high safety and strong protection and can safely avoid insects and wild animals in the wild. At the same time, the product adopts a modular assembly design, and the installation and disassembly process is simple and fast. At present, the products have diameters of 2.1/3.3/3.5/3.7/4/4.5/5/5.3/9m and other specifications, and products of different specifications can be spliced and combined with each other. The product has high flexibility and can meet different customers’ and scenarios’ demands. Whether you are a creative theme hotel, travel company, or individual consumer, welcome to click our mailbox to get more information about star rooms.

Where to Get More Information?

UNQ company as the OEM Factory of PC sheet in China has rich experience in construction and export and can undertake various large-scale agriculture greenhouse projects and other construction projects. Welcome to click our email consultation~



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