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Polycarbonate greenhouse covering material

by:UNQ     2021-03-20

   Polycarbonate sheet is an ideal greenhouse cover. It allows to increase the fecundity per square meter in the largest solar greenhouse. The thickness and low multi-wall carbonate sheet is the most suitable for greenhouse covering. The polycarbonate sheet provides about 90% of light transmission, while the multi-wall surface provides about 80% of light transmission with good insulation. The roof and multi-layer structure sunlight panels are installed on the roof to maximize the natural light in the greenhouse. The lack of insulation becomes an advantage, and heat loss through the roof prevents snow from accumulating in winter. The advantages of the walls of the multi-layer solar panel greenhouse are: high light transmission into the greenhouse, good heat preservation performance, can reduce heating costs in winter. Polycarbonate sheet, with good light transmission and impact resistance, is definitely a good choice for greenhouses. They are an excellent generation of broken glass roofs and walls without changing the needs of the structure.

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