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Polycarbonate Canopy / Awning

Unique polycarbonate canopy is widely used for private garden, high-grade community, real estate development, commercial street, villas and other products. It is assembled by polycarbonate sheet, plastic bracket, aluminum bar, screws. For the board, there are solid polycarbonate sheet and hollow polycarbonate sheet. The colors for board can be clear, bonze, opal, red and others as your request. And for the brackets, there are plastic one and aluminum one. It is made of engineering plastic ABS. The strong support arms and front and back aluminum bar are sleek and stylish. Modern and patterned frame, high end materials are neutral enough to match any home decor. It is very easy to install and it can be extended endless. The commercial grade cast ABS arms and polycarbonate roof have been well designed for easy assembly and practical installation. Connect multiple awnings to span wide entrance, windows or walkways. It will provide protection from rain, sleet and snow if you use polycarbonate awning as an entry.

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