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Polycarbonate board fixed installation

by:UNQ     2021-03-19
The screw device should not be too tight on the polycarbonate board, and the nail head should not directly press the board surface. The fixed nail head diameter of the polycarbonate board should be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the threaded shank and waterproof glue. To reduce stress. Otherwise it will cause pressure and cause partial plate cracks. Do not use waterproof rubber pads or asphalt waterproof tape, PVC waterproof glue. Choose neutral glass glue as glue without using acid glue. In this process, one side must be constructed along the same direction, otherwise it will cause intermediate stress concentration and product deformation or cracking. Since the coefficient of linear expansion of the PC sheets is six times larger than that of metal materials, the watch must be drilled first, and then fixed in the middle hole with a self-tapping screw. Otherwise, the PC sheets will be cracked or contracted out of deformation and weather changes. If you add a layer of PC sun board or corrugated board underneath, the fixed point is added to the metal rod in the case of cracks in the PC board below.

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