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Polycarbonate board cleaning attention

by:UNQ     2021-03-18

  Polycarbonate board cleaning precautions: anhydrous alcohol, petroleum ether (BP65), ethane, canane. Do not sand or clean the board with strong alkali, and do not wipe the surface with a dry hard cloth or hard brush to avoid fuzzing. It is not allowed to use butyl cellosolve and isopropanol solution to clean UV-proof sheets. It is recommended that the cleaning solvent    polycarbonate board is widely used in bus shelters, advertising light boxes, indoor and outdoor decoration, sunshading and lighting. Polycarbonate sheet has good optical and mechanical properties, but it is not resistant to organic solvents and acid and alkaline solutions. It is difficult to clean and maintain, and special cleaning agents must be used. Due to the use of a spatula, steel wire ball, and inappropriate cleaning agent when cleaning, it often causes partial loss of light and astringency, uneven scratches, opacity, whitening, cracks, etc., which seriously affects the appearance and affects the advertising effect. The repairing agent can repair the partial loss of light, astringent, scratched, uneven, opaque, white PC sheets, and restore it to a transparent, bright and beautiful PC sheets.

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