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Plexiglass processing method

by:UNQ     2021-03-22

The method of plexiglass processing can be summarized as the following five points

1. Inlay method: Cut the plexiglass blocks of different colors into geometric shapes that are needed, and inlay and splice them on the bottom plate. This method requires rigorous splicing, and I can argue that it can receive a strong color but a seamless effect.

Second, hot pressing method: After heating the plexiglass sheet, it is hot pressed in the mold. The handicraft made by this modeling method has the characteristics of full body, smooth curve, strong three-dimensional effect, and has the effect of relief. The hot pressing mold can be shaped with wood and sludge, and then cast lead and gypsum materials are used as the male and female molds. The organic glass can be pressed after heating.

3. Hot bending (forming): Process the plexiglass to a certain shape, heat the plexiglass, and quickly nest and knead it by hand.

Four. Grinding and polishing: After bonding rod-shaped plexiglass or thick plate-shaped plexiglass, it is directly ground and polished on a grinding wheel. The handicraft made by this method is similar to a certain kind of sculpture. The colorful surface shapes constitute a unique artistic image.

None, the glue is legal: cut the plexiglass into a certain shape and paste it on the plane

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