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Plexiglass processing method and steps

by:UNQ     2021-03-27
1. Folding: This is a straight-line cutting method for plexiglass. The method is to put the ruler on the plate to be cut, the edge of the ruler coincides with the cutting line, and the ruler is fixed. . When folding, move the plate so that the slot drawn by the hook coincides with the edge of the table, press the plate inside the table with one hand, hold the plate outside the table with the other hand, and press down quickly with the palm of your hand. The plexiglass will break neatly from the hooked position. 2. Saw: Use a saw to cut materials or shape, and the cutting route can be straight or curved. There are special vibration saws, micro saws (which will not hurt your hands), hacksaws and wire saws. When processing plexiglass with a saw, the sawdust should be dropped as much as possible, because the sawdust will melt on the friction-heating saw blade and stick to the saw teeth, making the saw teeth useless. You can slow it down to avoid the saw blade overheating and sticking to the sawdust or use a brush. Sweep away the sawdust. Because the edge of the sawn material is rough, it must be smoothed with a file and sandpaper. Common data for cutting pipes and bars.  3. File: The file is filed with a file. There are the following three situations where you need to file the edge of the sawn material. The rough embryo made is slightly too large but it is inconvenient to use sawing. Use a file to make it match the required size. Remove sharp edges and corners to make it smooth and feel good. 4. Hot cutting: If the cutting route is complicated and there is no special vibrating saw, you can use the hot cutting saw to cut, but pay attention to the thick and uneven edges of the plexiglass cut with the hot cutting saw, so the hot cutting can only be The rough embryo should be hot cut outside the standard line of the finished product to leave room for fine processing, otherwise it will be smaller than the required size after fine processing.   5. Hot bending: If you want to bend the sheet to a certain angle. For example, to bend at a right angle. You must use a hot bender (introduced on this website). Place the material to be folded on the hot bender and bake it softly, then place it on the edge of the table and bend it. After cooling, the angle is fixed.

   6. Cutting: Perspex can also be cut with a lathe like copper, aluminum and other metals. For example, it is required to accurately cut a section of plexiglass or plexiglass tube, which can be cut with a lathe to ensure that the cross section is perpendicular to the axis and the size is more accurate. Another example is the use of lathes to process workpieces such as small pulleys, cones, and truncated cones from bars.  7. Drilling: Drilling holes in plexiglass is more troublesome than drilling holes in metal and wooden materials. It mainly lies in the following two aspects: the heat generated by the friction between the drill bit and the plexiglass makes the drill cuttings melt and stick to the drill bit, which wraps the drill bit and cannot drill a good hole.   8. Tapping: Tapping is to open threads on the material. Sometimes we want to screw the screw into the plexiglass, we must first drill a hole slightly smaller than the screw in the plexiglass, and then use the corresponding tap to screw into the hole, the hole will have a thread. For example, to make a hole for screwing a screw with a diameter of 5 cm, first use a drill with a diameter of 4 cm to make a hole. After fixing the M5 tap on the tap holder, screw the tap into the hole, and the thread will be tapped. Up. 9. Bonding: Since plexiglass is soluble in chloroform, no other adhesive is needed for the mutual bonding between plexiglass. Just use a small syringe to suck a small amount of chloroform liquid, gently and evenly Squeeze it onto the surface of the plexiglass to be bonded, and immediately press the bonding area tightly. After the liquid evaporates, the plexiglass will be bonded. Here we should pay attention to the appropriate amount of chloroform, if it is too small, the bonding area is too small and not strong;

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