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Plexiglass processing has a certain degree of water absorption

by:UNQ     2021-03-25
The chemical name of plexiglass is polymethyl methacrylate. Due to its low surface hardness, easy wiping, low impact resistance, poor molding fluidity and other shortcomings, it can be used to produce tableware, sanitary ware, etc. It has good chemical stability, And weather resistance.

The main injection temperature is to change the viscosity of the solution, and the decomposition temperature is high. Plexiglass processing has a certain degree of water absorption, and the presence of water causes bubbles to appear in the solution, temperature, and transparency decrease, so it needs to be dried. The presence of water causes bubbles, air lines, and reduced transparency in the solution, so it needs to be dried. Recycled materials should avoid pollution, otherwise it will affect the transparency and the properties of the finished product. Because of its high melt viscosity, a deeper screw groove and a larger diameter nozzle hole are required. If the strength of the product is higher, a screw with a larger length-to-diameter ratio should be used for low-temperature molding

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