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Plexiglass processing and production

by:UNQ     2021-04-04

Plexiglass processing and production

Plexiglass processing and production of plexiglass materials With market innovation and technological development, it has become the preferred processing material for several major industries. Although plexiglass is a high-density composite material, However, its unique effects and quality have made many manufacturers admire it. As far as our years of experience in plexiglass processing are concerned, plexiglass is an epoch-making high-tech product. Sound insulation glass and anti-static glass are created from glass and materials. The product is a renewable resource material, and the plexiglass processing is relatively quick and easy to understand. The plexiglass processing is widely used in the production of polishing and bonding. Because of the particularity of the material, it will become softer after heating and cooling. After that, it will become rigid, and the major processing methods of plexiglass processing are as follows;

The plexiglass processing sheet is cut; according to the drawings and dimensions to be processed, the plexiglass sheet is cut into pieces (mainly processed in The size needs to be fine)

Plexiglas is polished; the well-opened Plexiglas plates must be polished and corners removed to make the plexiglass material smooth.

Plexiglas hot bending processing: According to the drawing, the polished plexiglass is put into the hot oven and the hot strip to be heated. The heating time should be determined according to the processing experience of the master to determine whether it can be bent. After bending, fix it with a holder and cool.

Plexiglass viscose processing; for some processing materials, and plexiglass processing has special bonding glue, these glues are bonded together without traces.

Plexiglass packaging processing; it is necessary to cover the finished plexiglass with a protective film to prevent friction, fingerprints and dust on the surface of the plexiglass product.

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