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Plexiglass processing and carving process

by:UNQ     2021-03-14

   Speaking of plexiglass handles, they are actually made of plexiglass and made into an accessory that is installed on the desk, cabinet door and drawer to facilitate the opening and closing of the desk, cabinet door and the sliding of the drawer. Now the handles on the doors and drawers of desks and cabinets are mostly made of metal or plastic, or simply dig a concealed hand directly on the door and drawer. But 30 or 40 years ago, our village made them. Create high-quality, inexpensive and durable handicrafts.

In the shape of   , the plexiglass handles of Shaxinzhuang have round, oval, rectangular, square, jujube-shaped, rhombus, hexagonal and other shapes; in terms of color, there are red, green, There are many colors such as yellow, blue, orange, pink; from the pattern, there are flowers, leaves, birds, insects, fish, etc., and some Chinese characters such as 'spring, summer, autumn, winter'.

  The plexiglass handle is generally made of a piece of colored plexiglass and one or several pieces of transparent plexiglass. Colored plexiglass is generally thin, and transparent plexiglass is thin or thick. Through the combination of thickness and color, various effects can be produced.

The production process of    plexiglass handle is not too complicated. The machines used include chainsaws, engraving machines, grinders, polishing machines, bench drills, etc. Other accessories include awl, ruler, chalk, and adhesive , Needle tube, etc.

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