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Plexiglass has high processing strength and good heat and cold resistance

by:UNQ     2021-04-02

   plexiglass is a polymer processed by the polymerization of methyl methacrylate. English becomes PMMA, plexiglass crafts processing. The light transmission is very good, the plexiglass handicrafts have high strength and good heat and cold resistance, and are easy to form. At present, it is mainly used in commerce and construction. Hot pressing method. Heat the plexiglass sheet, then put it in the mold and heat it. The plexiglass formed in this way has a full shape, smooth curves and a relief effect. The hot stamping mold can be made of wood, shaping, etc., and then heated with plaster or cast lead.

   plexiglass processing vertical milling method. After stick-shaped plexiglass or plate-shaped glass is bonded, it is polished and shaped on the grinding wheel. The glass produced by this method has a colorful appearance and a good artistic image. Paste method. First cut the plexiglass and cut it into a certain shape, then paste it on the plane. Mosaic method. Cut the plexiglass of different colors to form the required graphics, and then splice it on the bottom plate. This method of splicing can make the colors intense and sharp, as everyone in the industry knows: Compared with other materials, acrylic is slightly more expensive, but its color type, color type and hardness are higher than glass.

   The advantages of    are good for shaping, not fragile, and very light. Compared with commonly used glass and ordinary plastics in the market, the advantages of acrylic processing new materials for plexiglass are very significant. Bar counters, bar stools, coffee tables, bathtubs, etc. made of main materials have the advantages of good finish and not fragile. These materials are based on different process costs, and the unit price ranges from 200 yuan/square meter to 600 yuan/square meter. Acrylic products also have better oxidation resistance and are not easily deformed and discolored. Many new materials have flooded into the home furnishing market, and acrylic is one of them. In addition, the acrylic sheet used for home decoration will have different effects through built-in lighting and external lighting.

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