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Plexiglass factory home

by:UNQ     2021-04-05

Plexiglass processing manufacturer Wuxi Board Industry Plexiglass Products Co., Ltd., specializes in the design and production of plexiglass processing products, as well as product development, style design, raw material processing, and production of acrylic. The company is excellent With high management level, strong technical force, high sense of responsibility, and high quality as the pursuit goal, it is one of the leading professional manufacturers in China, to achieve customer satisfaction, and customers can rest assured to ensure that customers can enjoy the most favorable price and the most efficient After-sales service. In the fierce market competition, the company is based on the enterprise spirit of specialization, collaboration, development, and integrity. With the corporate tenet of quality first and service first, it has won the trust of users. Its business involves telecommunications and transportation. , Military, banks, schools, building decoration companies and many other enterprises and institutions.

Basic materials for plexiglass processing

To be familiar with plexiglass processing methods, we must first understand the materials and characteristics of plexiglass. The chemical name of plexiglass is methyl methacrylate. It is a high molecular compound polymerized by methacrylate. It is characterized by smooth surface, bright color, small specific gravity, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, exposure resistance, and good insulation and sound insulation effects. The organic glass processing can be divided into three shapes, that is, tubular materials. There are three types of rod-shaped materials and plate properties, but there are four common types of plexiglass, colorless and transparent, colored and transparent, translucent and opaque. Special plexiglass is divided into two types, pearlescent glass with mobility, printing and Embossed plexiglass

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