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Plastic deformation energy of pc board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-13

   The compressive strength of processing is very shocking, which is hundreds of times that of reinforced laminated glass. It is widely used in anti-theft and wide range. After the equipment is complete, it is very advanced and safe. Excellent production and processing and plastic deformation can not only bend, but also arch, so that the pc endurance board can be bent into semicircular or semi-arc shapes according to the requirements of different engineering construction equipment. Different tones of pc endurance panels are suitable for garden landscapes, unique decoration designs of entertainment venues and corridors and pavilions of resting places; suitable for interior and exterior decoration design of office buildings, architectural curtain walls of contemporary city houses; suitable for airlines' fully transparent shipping containers, motorcycle front windshields, Airports, trains, freighters, cars, motorboats, submarines and laminated glass police shields. PC board processing is suitable for public telephone booths, advertising guides, light boxes, billboards, and the layout of exhibitions; suitable for instrumentation, instrument panels, upper diastolic high pressure switch cabinet control panels and national defense industry production, etc.; suitable for wall, ceiling, and screen partitions And other interior decoration materials; suitable for high-speed roads and elevated roads in large cities; suitable for agricultural and animal husbandry greenhouses and breeding sheds; suitable for contemporary ecological garden restaurant roofs.

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