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Plastic board processing uses its characteristics

by:UNQ     2021-03-22

  Plastic board processing Most plastics have a common feature, that is, they will soften when heated, and will re-solidify when cooled, and can maintain their shape for a long time. Therefore, in the factory, the plastic board molding process will also take advantage of its characteristics, and can be mass-produced in the production line. There are two main processes for plastic board molding. One is the injection molding method that everyone is more familiar with. That is, first make a mold with steel, and then inject the melted plastic into it through the injection hole. After cooling, open the mold to obtain an unconventional plastic sheet. However, this processing method can only produce plates with relatively small specifications, after all, the mold cannot be infinitely large.

Plastic board processing and another method, extrusion molding process, can achieve continuous production, and theoretically the length of the board is unlimited. This production method is like squeezing toothpaste. The melted plastic is continuously squeezed out through an extrusion hole with a fixed shape, and then cut into certain specifications as required.

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