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Plastic board processing and waste utilization

by:UNQ     2021-04-02
Plastic plates can be processed into various plastic products, and the quality is also very good. In addition, in terms of the ease of processing of the plastic plate, the processing of the plastic plate is very convenient, and the processing performance is also very good, and it is not easy to be damaged during processing. Below, we will introduce to you in detail the excellent processing properties of plastic plates: plastic plates can be folded into a 90-degree bend without damage or breakage of the plastic plates due to folding; in terms of chemical stability In other words, plastic plates are not easy to be affected by other substances during processing, thereby being contaminated by impurities and reducing service life; the suitable temperature range of plastic plates is also relatively large, in the range of 5 degrees to 100 degrees. The plastic board can be used normally. The processing performance of the plastic board is very excellent. The use of plastic board can be processed into a lot of products, and the plastic board can be used more widely.

Plastic panels can be recycled. Good plastic panel waste can be recycled. After processing, it can be re-made into plastic panels for use, and the performance and quality of the plastic panels will not be affected. Therefore, the use of plastic board waste can save our production cost very well. So, what should we do to successfully use plastic board waste? First of all, we need to classify the recycled plastic board waste, distinguish which waste can be processed and which can not be processed; clean the plastic board waste that can be processed, and after crushing it, re-make it into the production raw material of the plastic board; Re-plasticize the recycled raw material of the plastic board to turn it into a new plastic board to complete the melting and regeneration work. Using the above methods, we can successfully use the waste of the plastic board, thereby successfully using the plastic board and saving the production cost of the plastic board.

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