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Plastic board processing acrylic processing customization introduction

by:UNQ     2021-03-14

  Plastic board processing manufacturers follow the method, as long as they are more careful. I believe you can also do well. Nowadays, acrylic display cabinet products are in short supply. There are more and more manufacturers of acrylic processing and customization, whether it is display racks in shopping malls, display racks for electronic products, display racks in stationery stores, or tissue boxes in hotels. Item box. You can see acrylic in many places such as signs, storage boxes and so on in the office

   and it has a very good airtightness. The high-transparent acrylic box made of plastic sheet is exposed to sunlight. It can reflect some luster under illumination. You can also see many acrylic display cabinets in shopping malls. Not only are they particularly practical in life, but many families use them for storage.

   and then cut, the acrylic box, as the name implies, uses acrylic sheet as the main material. Of course, the color of this sheet can also be selected according to specific needs. After cutting, the acrylic surface is still rough and does not look very smooth and beautiful, so it is necessary to polish it, and then splice the surface of the acrylic box. Glue it together, and the box will be finished, but you should wait a while after bonding. After the tax is dry, let the acrylic dissolve well before using it. This is for more firmness.

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