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People's misunderstanding to sunshine board to explain

by:UNQ     2020-10-27
2134 sometimes hearsay is not necessarily true, so also for some sunshine board, because a lot of people there are some wrong understanding to the sun plate, thus wuxi board industry think it is necessary to explain some with everybody, and will answer these questions one by one. Some people say that the difficulty of the polycarbonate sheet construction is relatively large, this kind of situation usually appear in the product size does not accord with actual application cases. But now plank production enterprise basic have custom services, as long as is explained in advance the size of the actual need, the sunshine board installation is very convenient, there is no difficult problem. Others believe the sunshine board insulation coefficient can not meet the requirements of this basic won't appear on qualified standard product, unless is all the sunshine board non-standard products. Because such products experimental heat preservation is no way to guarantee the accuracy of the test data, so we cannot treat as the same. Additional cleaning problem also is so, because of non-standard sunshine board quality is not assured, clean when there is no way to bear the weight of too much, so less. On the other hand the sunshine board light transmittance will also be affected, it also reminds us that we must choose and buy high quality standard from the side of the sun plate products.
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